White Industries - R30 Road Cranks


White Industries - R30 Road Cranks


For a long time square taper was king, but in recent years the development of new axle standards have redefined crank and drive train standards. We, at White Industries, answer this change by offering the MR30 cranksets.

The R30 is our do it all road crank using our long standing VBC, variable bolt circle, design. The VBC system is built around a 68 / 86mm bottom bracket and allows you to customize your 2x ring configuration by being able to mix and match your inner and outer ring to create the ultimate gearing suitable for whatever ratio you desire.  The R30 is also available with our TSR 1x narrow wide chain rings. The narrow arms and narrow spindle compliment the svelte lines of any road frame. This R30 is compatible with BSA, T47 and Press Fit 30 systems. Available in silver polished or black anodized, with coloured extractor bolts.

  • Material: 2024 AL

  • Weight: 560g


  • 1x: 46.5mm

  • 2x: 45mm

  • Q factor: 157.2mm

Crank Length:
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